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“Daqo Group: Embark on the Road to Boost Brand Potential Energy” (Xinhua Daily, January 12)

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  This year marks the beginning of the three-year action plan for the brand strategy of Jiangsu Province. As a winner of the brand “Jinfan Award” for Jiangsu Construction, Daquan Group's brand building experience and results were published in the Xinhua Daily on January 12.

  When it comes to the electrical industry, most people will feel unfamiliar. If it comes to urban power supply, subways, light rails, medicine and health, new energy, airports, postal and telecommunications, telecommunications, finance, and insurance, it can be seen in these industries that are closely related to life. To Daquan Group's products. The group mainly researched and produced high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, rail transportation equipment, solar cells, components, and access to the Internet. In 2014, it ranked first among the top 100 in the Chinese electrical industry.

  After going through the 80s of the last century, the registered trademark was established as a brand. In the 1990s, through the joint venture and cooperation to increase the brand awareness of the gold content of the trademark, and the development stage of branding after the 21st century, the Daquan Group formed a clear development plan for the trademark brand and gradually established the “integrity, "Quality, responsibility" brand image.