Metal-clad Withdrawable Switchgear.

UR4-12Series Metal-clad Withdrawable Switchgear adopts Eaton technology. It is a distribution equipm...

Metal-clad Withdrawable Switchgear.

UR4-12SeriesMetal-clad Withdrawable Switchgear adopts Eaton technology. It is adistribution equipment designed for 7.2~17.5kV 3-phase AC 50HZ/60HZ singlebusbar section system. It is mainly used in power plants, urban electricitysupply, industrial system and commercial buildings to accept and distributeelectric power and control, protect and test the circuit.


1.    Compartments in theswitchgear cabinet are separated and independent to each other.

2.    Comply with IEC62271-200:2003,GB3906 and DL404. Passed the test report of ASTA and Xi 'an nationalhigh-voltage electrical equipment quality supervision and test center,

3.    3 Reliable fiveprevention interlock can prevent maloperation and entering into live compartments.

4.    All operationsincluding closing and tripping of VCB, driving and withdrawing of handcart andoperation of earthing switch can and should be done while the door is closed. 

5.    Front or rearmaintenance are optional for customer’s convenience.

Circuit Breaker CubicleContactor Cubicle
Rated operation voltageKV6  106  10
Highest operation voltageKV7.2  7.27.2  7.2
1 min power frequency withstand voltageKV32  4232  42
Lightning impulse withstand voltage(Peak)KV60  7560  75
Rated frequencyHz50
4s short-time withstand current(Effective)KA25 31.5 40 504
50 63 75(Generator Outlet Circuit Breaker)
Rated peak withstand current(Peak)KA63 80 100 12510
137 173 206(Generator Outlet Circuit Breaker)
Rated current for main busA630-4000
Rated current for branch busA630-4000
Widthmm620 800 1000
IP rating 
Enclosure IP4X(Maximum IP42)
IP2X when CB compartment's door is open
WeightKg800-1200(including Turck)

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