Modular Power Distribution System

MODAN6000adopts Moeller German technology and owns the advantage of solid structure, reliable perfor...

Modular Power Distribution System

MODAN6000adoptsMoeller German technology and owns the advantage of solid structure, reliableperformance, flexible design and convenient operation. This product has passedTTA test and comply with IEC60439、VDE0660、Part500/1994、GB7251. With arc-preventing design, it has passed1E level earthquaketest, transit test and arcing test and can be used for more than 30 yearsreliably. As the most advanced intelligent low voltage distribution system, MODAN6000has been widely used as distribution center, MCC ,and power lighting controlsystem in nuclear power plant, subway, petrochemical, airport, metallurgy,communication, government project, mining, commercial buildings, etc.


1.      Compact structure and reasonable layout and standardized componentscheme. Convenient for engineering design.

2.      Drawer type, plug-in type and fix-partitioned type can be combinedin one cabinet.

3.      Equipment can be optimized and improved continuously; High operationalreliability.


Various Type:MDP、MDMW、MDMF、MDG areavailable for customers’ demands.
Basic Structure:The frame is consisted of uniqueY-section connectors and seamless square steel tubes.
Key-board Contact:Main plug-in contacts, which are madeof multiple beryllium copper alloy silver lamination sprung, ensure excellentconductivity, flexible plug and reliable connection.

Busbar System:Unique C-profile barhas advantages of high current carrying capability, high mechanical strength,good heat radiation and can realize nonporous connection.

Busduct connection:Imported fromGermany, BLTS busduct can achieve seamless integration with MODAN6000.

Intelligent Distribution:Imported fromGermany, ZKM-SCADA can achieve intelligent distribution. 

Rated voltageV400/690
1 min power frequency withstand voltageV3000V(1min)
Lightning impulse withstand voltage(Peak)KV8
Rated frequencyHz50/60
Rated current for main busAup to 6300
Rated current for branch busA1600/1400*2
Rated short-time withstand current(Effective)KA/1s65/80/100
Rated peak withstand current(Peak) KA176/220/260
Enclosure IP rating IP30-IP54

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