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Director of Strategic Planning and Risk Assessment Committee of Daqo Wuhan Institute, Doctor Ma Weiming, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Awarded the Highest Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation

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  November 4th, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Award 2015 Annual Conference was held in Beijing's Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. Academician Ma Weiming of Chinese Academy of Engineering was awarded the highest award of “Science and Technology Achievement Award”. Doctor Ma Weiming is the Director of Strategic Planning and Risk Assessment Committee of Daqo Wuhan New Energy Institute.
  Academician Ma committed to the research in the field of ship electrical engineering, integrated ship power technology, electromagnetic emission and new energy access technologies in a long-term to carry out a series of applied basic theoretical research, key technologies and major equipment in R & D.
  Among his achievements, the certain system enhanced China leading position in the field of generation and supply vessels; the Shipboard Integrated Power System Technology solved our country "heart disease" problem in ship power; his development of the wind power and solar power converter technology, new energy storage technologies, access energy management technology and power and voltage inverters solved the constraints of China's new energy and network access technology’s bottleneck problems, successfully breaked the monopoly of the western countries in the field of new energy power electronic devices.
  Academician Ma Weiming was awarded two items of National Science and Technology Progress Award, National technology invention prize and the Individual Merit and second power (2 times each) and the honorary title of "Top Ten outstanding scientific and technological workers" ; Earlier, Academician Ma was awarded “Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation for Scientific and Technological Progress Award”.
  Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation was founded by Hong Kong financier Shanheng patriotic, KK Leung, Ho Tim and Lee Quo Wei in March 1994.The highest award “Science and Technology Achievement Award” is to award to those who commit to the promotion of national scientific and technological progress long-term and has get the outstanding contribution made by the international high-level academic history; those who has made major scientific and technological breakthroughs leading the world's advanced level; and those who promote technological innovation, intellectual property rights and to establish a strong brand, the industry forefront of those living in the world today.