Stinger Adjustment Power Device

StingerAdjustment Power Device (SAPD) is mainly applied in DC traction power system ofmetro or tramw...

Stinger Adjustment Power Device


1. High-performance high-speed circuitbreaker, DC contactor and DC disconnector are selected.

2. When lower load is short circuit, it cancut off DC power supply rapidly and automatically.

3. When obtaining power supply (including controlcircuit), SAPD can send out an alarm signal with light.

4. SAPD is equipped with emergency pushbutton. In emergency situations, the power supply of SAPD can be cut off bypressing this button.

5. Simple maintenance. 

Rated current ≤1000A 
Rated voltage 900V/1800V 
Rated power-frequency withstand voltage 6.6 kV 
Rated insulating voltage 2.3 kV 
Rated short-circuit withstand current 30kA/16 ms 
Protection degree IP40 
Overall dimension 600×1000×2600 mm 
Weight 450~500 kg 
Conformity to standards IEC61992/EN50123/GB/T25890 

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