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Daqo Group"May Day" Sales and Marketing Conference

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  On May 4th, the group held the "May Day" marketing work conference, the board of directors, the executive committee, department general manager, general manager of manufacturing company, sales, technology, procurement, financial manager, regional manager, General manager of marketing company, deputy general manager, general manager of sales company, industry manager, account manager on behalf of more than 400 people attended the meeting.


  At the meeting, the general manager of the marketing company for the meeting report, summed up the marketing operation of the January-April and the existing problems; Daquan Moeller sales vice president of "rail transit industry market analysis report"; Group CFO at the meeting interpretation of " Performance appraisal adjustment program "to encourage customer managers to take orders, a clear project bonus settlement, to protect the interests of customer managers. Finally, the group president and chairman of the speech, asked the marketing company, the manufacturing companies to strictly enforce the sales system and process, to market demand-driven, collection, verification, tracking, business information and real-time updates, to strictly enforce the team , The account manager to the old and new regulations.