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Compact Busbar System Got Three-gorge Large Order

Release Time:2009-03-21Source:Clicks:6832Author:
New year, on February 4, from Daqo Group subsidiary company-Jiangsu Daqo Compact Busbar System Co., Ltd. reporting success, the company in the underground power station 20KV/26KA compact busbar of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Project won the tender at first bid, the total subject of nearly 40 million, which is another cooperation with the Three Gorges Project after successfully bided on the left bank and right bank of the Three Gorges power station. This bid once again defends the company’s industry status on the unique low voltage busbar manufacturers and suppliers of the Three Gorges Project, which further established the leading position in the domestic industries.
In the early stage of the project and the technical preparations for the operation of the process of bidding, the company leadership attached great importance, actively cooperated with relevant departments, and worked overtime to improve the tender program, and ultimately depending on a reasonable price and perfect technology programs, this company got the highly recognition of industry professionals and evaluation experts of bidding, and stand out in many bidding companies.
Cooperation with the Three Gorges for many times has played a positive role in promoting the operation of many other projects, and has far-reaching significance.