Distribution Network Automation Solution

Distribution automation system is an important part of smart power grids, and the development of smart grids brings new chances to the overall development of smart power grids.

Through decades’ development in the power sector, Daqo Group can offer overall solutions including distribution automation system and assembled Medium and Low voltage intelligent equipment like intelligent switchgears, column switches, ring main units and cubicle-type substations, etc.

Distribution network automation system for the user offered by Daqo Group includes intelligent terminal layer, communication network layer, SCADA monitor layer, assistant decision layer and WEB layer. The master station software adopts the object-oriented design, which is based on IEC standard. It supports the application of multi-operation system platform and database platform with the character of massive data processing and multi-redundant backup management. Our company’s solution can realize the overall monitoring, management, analysis and optimization of power distribution network.

Depending on the high-speed optical network communication and quick decision between DRTU, Our Company’s new generation feeder automation products integrate the latest IT technology and adopt the distributed networking protection technology to realize the fault location, fault isolation, power recovery so as to reduce power outage and downtime.

Our solution can offer the advanced application functions like load flow calculation, outage management, load forecast, simulated analysis, economic operation so as to provide the technological support and decision-making basis for overall management and development planning of the distribution network. Besides, Daqo system also provides distributed new energy with many functions including system access, measuring control and online enquiry, etc.

The implementation of distribution network automation solution can improve the automation degree, management level, stability and economy of power supply so as to provide the powerful guarantee for the rapid development of the social economy.