New Generation Intelligent Substation Solution

To solve the deficiencies of the traditional substations, synthesizing the intelligent primary equipment and networked secondary equipment, Daqo provides you with the new generation smart substation as the solution.

GIS (SF6 gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear) has the excellent break performance with adoption of the three-position isolating and earthing switch and the non-segregated tripolar design. GIS has the functions of primary online monitoring and secondary intelligent controlling. The intelligent terminal can realize the switching operation and signal feedback. The cables can be saved with application of GOOSE (/gu:s/) technology. The electronic transformer transmits the digital signals of current and voltage to the merging units in FT3 format through the optical cable.

GIS is connected to intelligent power transformer via GIL.

The intelligent power transformer adopts multiple intelligent sensing equipment to collect the temperature of oil, winding and iron core; meanwhile it can carry out the chromatographic analysis for bushing and oil. The equipped intelligent terminal achieves the networked control.

The new generation smart substation has the prebuilt device cabin for the modularized manufacturing in replace of the traditional master-control room, switchgear room. The intelligent medium voltage breaker has integrated with the combined current and voltage sensor, protection and monitoring device inside. So it can connect the breaker with the substation management system without adding any communication protocol converter.

Our new generation smart substation applies integrated devices. Compared to the traditional substation, it has more rational layout and covers 50% less area.

Daqo’s new generation smart substation is a fully digital, integrated, compact and visualized substation. It opens a new era of smart power grid.