Corporate Energy Management System Solution

Corporate energy management system is designed for enterprise to measure, monitor and manage energy. The measuring control layer, centralized monitoring layer and energy information management layer in this system are integrated, through the distributed network, to realize comprehensive and transparent monitoring and management for power distribution, water supply, steam, negative pressure, air conditioner, ventilation, etc.

This system can provide the corporate with energy statistics, energy balance analysis, energy efficiency analysis, benchmarking, and energy consumption prediction, energy consumption warning, appraisal management, cost accounting. It can realize the optimized operation of energy system through the expert system of energy-saving decision-making.

We provide the distributed solutions based on cloud computing to the group companies, industrial park and administrative institutions, so that the telereference, remote maintenance and operation can be realized through Internet. We have effectively improved energy management for those enterprises with high consumption by saving energy 5-15%. We help the enterprises reduce energy consumption for the low carbon operation and sustainable development.


• Offer the integrated solution for measuring, monitoring and information management of energy system

• Expert system of energy-saving decision-making integrates our latest technology to optimize the energy system operation

• INT-eEMS energy management system has the character of flexible modeling and fast deployment to support various change of energy system structure and management system effectively

• Offer the distributed solution based on cloud computing to realize the remote consulting, maintaining and operation service through the Internet