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The First Double-support Enterprise Workstation in Zhenjiang Founded by Daqo

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On July 29th, daqo group held a ceremony to celebrate the first enterprise supports workstation, zhenjiang supporting daqo group formally founded workstations. There were lots of leaders who attended the opening ceremony, including Zhenjiang municipal CPC committee and military commander Zeng XingBing, leader of Yangzhong city, Jiangsu, Shen Dayin, Zhu Xiaoyang, Huang Baohong, Dai Shaohua, group leader Xu Guanfu and Xu Xiang, etc. They also visited the exhibition hall on the sooty supports workstations with great appreciation.

On the opening ceremony, daqo group spoke highly of "top 10 honored veterans”, and president Xu Xiang introduced work and practice of the workstation to the leaders above. Ling Su highly appreciated the outstanding contributions of daqo group as a leading enterprise to the double supports work in Yangzhong. He hoped that daqo group could use the workstation as a new carrier, to build civilian model of the harmonious city; and hoped veterans could be diligent in their own positions, to create a "Daqo with Ten Billion" and realize the new compendium lift with their strength and wisdom.

Zeng Xingbing affirmed daqo group in supporting the work's contribution, and applauded the typical persons who had given much care to the army and development of our country. He hoped that daqo group and all veterans could use effectively of this workstation platform to provide better service for the development of those enterprises and Yangzhou city.

From 1978 till now, daqo group has absorbed 606 veterans in total, and invested more than 200 million yuan each year into the skill training for veterans, which enabled 95% of veterans to becme the backbone of various fronts. This year, daqo group provided more than 40 million yuan for the workstation, supporting the new development veterans.