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Low Voltage Power Distribution System

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Low voltage power is distributed throughout a room by one or more exposed suspended ceiling runners, each containing a couple of panel brace members that is to say electrical conductors, in conjunction with a power fly-off post releasable lampable to the runner at a chosen place in the position. Electrical energy from a 110-volt power line, for instance, is linked to the conductive members of the runner through a step-down transformer so that only low voltage power, namely 24 volts, is conveyed by the runner. The post has a self-contained preferably concentrated step-up transformer to switch the voltage back to 110 volts at a feasible outlet in the post. In a two-wire system one line is united to ground and the runner and post clamp are non-symmetrically collocated to insure proper interconnection of the ground and hot lines, severally. The bottoms of the runners are defensively covered by an insulator so that only the side edges are exposed to the connector clamp on the top of the post.