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ZhenJiang Electrical Equipment Factory Get Two Orders of CGNPC Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant

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Nowadays, the subsidiary of Daqo Group-- ZhenJiang Electrical Equipment Factory Co.,Ltd successfully got the cable tray orders of 5#,6# Unit Conventional Island and BOP part of CGNPC Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant. From Year 2011 to now, Daqo’s cable tray always keep the 100% success rate in the CGNPC nuclear power plant projects and consolidate our first position in national industry.

CGNPC is China's largest nuclear operator, the world's largest builder of nuclear power, with 14 nuclear power plants in operation and 12 under construction crew. It has established professional nuclear power production, construction, research and development, nuclear fuel supply security system with international standards.

Early 2015, CGNPC wrote the testimonials to ZhenJiang Electrical Equipment Factory and affirmed our company’s efforts and achievements in all aspects; it laid a good credit foundation for the following orders. ZhenJiang Electrical Equipment Factory of Daqo Group will continuously supply its products with first-class technology, quality, safety and benefits and contribute to the development of Chinese nuclear power industry.