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Daqo Group Hold the Mid-year Sales Conference

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  October 6th, Daqo Group hold theMid-year Sales meeting of 2016.The board of directors and the Presidentsmoderated this meeting, more than 430 employees participated including the GMof each subsidiary companies, the sales directors, the financial managers, theindustry managers, the project managers, etc. On the meeting ,the GM of salescompany Mr.Zhu Yawei reported the order performance and payment withdrawn from Januaryto September, summed up the main problems in the current work and made the workplan of next phase; President XuXiang analyzed the questions in sales work andmake requirements to sales work; Board of Chairman Mr. Xu Guangfu  made important indication about the orders ofthe fourth quarter, the payment, ERP project promotion and personnel assessment;the most important is to clear the future marketing company, sales company andmanufacturing company's position and responsibilities.