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Daqo Transformer Conducted Trainings for New Customer Managers

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To help the newly hired customer managers fully understand the company and get familiar with the products, Nanjing Daqo Transformer Co., Ltd. organized a two-week customer manager training activity from February 6 to 18.Through heory and practice, taught by senior teachers, and real-time inspection and evaluation by company leaders to ensure the training effect, effectively improved the comprehensive ability of newly hired customer managers, and helped them enter the working status as soon as possible.

This training has substantial content, the course involves the administrative department, technical department, quality department, production department, sales department and other departments. Through the introduction and analysis of the development history, industry and market situation of the Group, the explanation and field practice of product analysis, technological characteristics, quality standards and other knowledge points, as well as the explanation and practice of sales management system,the training of transformer sales skills, further deepens the new customer managers’understanding of the company's product advantages and selling points, and lay a solid foundation for the development of future sales work.