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Daqo Substation successfully delivered to Saudi Aramco KING SALMAN E-house Project

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On February 28, the E-house of the Saudi Aramco KING SALMAN International Comprehensive Port Facilities Project of Jiangsu Daqo Cubicle-Type Substation Technology Co., Ltd. was fully delivered.

In the context of the accelerated global energy transformation, Daqo Substation has ushered in a new opportunity to deepen and expand its business with Saudi Aramco. Saudi Aramco is the world's largest oil production company, with the world's largest onshore and offshore oil fields, and has strict implementation standards for the production and quality control of all suppliers.

The project started its preliminary technical communication and prototype manufacturing in May 2020 and mass production in March 2022. This equipment is the E-house with the longest single unit length of Daqo Substation so far. E-house design and production include HV&LV cabinet, transformer, cable tray, HVAC, lighting, security and other aspects. It is necessary not only to meet IEC standards, but also to strictly comply with Saudi codes and standards such as SBC and SEC, which brings great challenges to the design work. The main power equipment of the project is from the subsidiaries of Daqo Group, which needs to integrate the products of dozens of manufacturers into a set of systems. The project covers a wide range of projects, has a large batch, high quality acceptance requirements, and a large demand for construction sites. The requirements for construction management and technical level are very high. The construction period has lasted for 500 days, and has created many precedents for the company's large-scale E-house construction.

Daqo Substation has laid a good foundation for developing overseas markets in the future through the successful performance of Saudi Aramco project. The company will continue to focus on the strategy of "Innovation driven, High-quality development", create higher value with high-quality products and services, and assist the national development strategy of globalization with practical actions.