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Chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions Visited Daqo Group

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On March 2nd, Wei Guoqiang, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial People's Congress and chairman of Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions, and his delegation visited Daqo Group for research and guidance. Zhang Juan, member of the Standing Committee of Zhenjiang Municipal Committee and head of the Organization Department, Gao Guocheng, deputy secretary and vice chairman of Zhenjiang Municipal Committee of the CPPCC and chairman of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, and Zhang Dejun, secretary of Yangzhong Municipal Committee of the CPC, accompanied the survey. Xu Xiang, president of Daqo Group, and Cai Bin, vice president of Daqo Group received the reception.

Chairman Wei Guoqiang and his delegation visited the intelligent manufacturing workshop of Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller Electric Co., Ltd. and the exhibition hall of Daqo Group, listened to the enterprise's industrial layout, technological innovation, trade union work, and highly affirmed the independent innovation ability of Daqo Group.

President Xu Xiang reported the development of the enterprise to Chairman Wei Guoqiang in detail. Daqo Group actively promoted the integration and development of party building and trade union work, insisted on sharing the achievements of enterprise development with employees, highlighted the post contribution , achieved more payment for more work and higher skills, and seek welfare, do practical and good things for employees.

Chairman Wei Guoqiang said that Daqo Group paid attention to the development of employees, guaranteed the treatment of employees, and gave employees sense of pride and belonging. At the same time, it encouraged the city to form a strong atmosphere of deepening the construction and reform of trade unions, creating a better environment and conditions for workers to grow and live a happy life.