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Daqo Group Held the Monthly-meeting of March

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In the afternoon of 6th, the Group organized monthly meeting in March, with the participation of the leaders of the Group's Board of Directors and Executive Committee, the GMs of all departments and the manufacturing companies.

At the meeting, Shi Dafeng, vice president of the Group, reported the economic completion of the Group in January and February: the Group's main economic indicators achieved a good start, and the three economic indicators of order, sales and profit all completed the chronological task. He pointed out that while grasping orders and seizing the market, all companies must insist on putting operation quality in a prominent position and strengthening order quality and performance quality; Strengthen the withdrawal of payment for goods and strictly control the risk of payment for goods.
GMs of ZJ Siemens, ZJ Klockner-Moeller, Nanjing Daqo Electric, Changjiang Electric-AIS, Changjiang Electric-GIS, Daqo Transformer, Daqo Intelligent, Daqo Substation made reports and speeches respectively around order sales, payment withdrawal, digital manufacturing and other work, and the chairman and president gave important work instructions.
Chairman Xu Guangfu stressed the importance of order quality and required the general managers of all companies to keep a clear head, ensure order profits and prevent order risks; The withdrawal of payment for goods is still the top priority and should not be relaxed at any time; Quality is the foundation of establishing a business, ensuring zero product defects and zero tolerance of quality; Companies should pay attention to the promotion of digital manufacturing to effectively improve efficiency and productivity.
President Xu Xiang gave a work instruction that all companies should strengthen the efforts of intelligent transformation and digital revolution, and attach great importance to the intelligent research and development of products; Companies increase the investment in the early stage of the project and strive to obtain more orders; Human resources should emancipate the mind, innovate thinking, and speed up the training of staff teams; Make full use of the exhibition opportunities and do a good job of product display with high standards and strict requirements.