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Focus on Specialty, Co-create and Multi-benefit

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In March, spring is warm and flowers are blooming.

From 10th to 12th, the Marketing Department of Daqo Group held a technical salon in the electronics industry with the theme of "Focus on Specialty, Co-create and Multi-benefit" in Moganshan, Zhejiang.The event invited experts and leaders from the East China Academy and Suzhou Branch of the EDRI, the Shanghai Branch of S.Y.C, the Shanghai Electronic Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., CSCEC KIDE, CESE2, and other units to discuss the new specifications,new technology and new products of intelligent power distribution equipment in the electrical design of semiconductor manufacturing, data center, photovoltaic, lithium battery projects.

Zhu Yawei, Vice President of Daqo Group;Tang Jianrong, GM of Daqo Transformer;Li Ya, GM of CJEC-AIS;Jiang Fuyong, GM of LV Cabinet Business Department of Zhenjiang Siemens; Cheng Xin, GM of Group Marketing Department, etc. attended the event.

At the beginning of the meeting, VP Zhu Yawei delivered a welcome speech to introduce the positive development momentum of Daqo Group in the electrical and new energy industries in recent years. Daqo Group, with its profound accumulation in the fields of MV&LV switchgear, smart components, railway electrification, polysilicon and other fields, has deeply engaged in digital manufacturing and management. It is committed to solving the new proposition of the digital economy era of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation. Daqo Group insists on supporting the digital transformation and upgrading of the industry with innovation-driven and intelligent manufacturing to help realize the goals of digital China and "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".
At the meeting, Gu Wentan, DOS of Daqo Transformer, and Fu Hui, DOS of Nanjing Daqo Electric introduced the recent development and product solutions of the manufacturing company in detail, which were highly recognized by the experts attending the meeting.

The experts from the design institute of the electronics industry showed great interest in the group's products and had full communication with GM of relevant companies.

The atmosphere of this technical salon is warm and the crowd is excited. Daqo Group will earnestly learn from advanced experience, continue to shape new momentum and new advantages of development, focus on improving the technical level in the field of intelligent power distribution, and strive to further strengthen in-depth exchanges and cooperation with experts attending the meeting in the future.