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Daqo Group Assists China's First Inter Provincial ICR

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On March 21, the Phase I and Phase II projects of the Chuzhou Nanjing Intercity Railway (Chuzhou Section) successfully passed the project acceptance. The project officially entered the full completion acceptance stage, and the traffic operation entered the countdown.

It is understood that the Chuzhou Nanjing Intercity Railway is the first interprovincial intercity railway in China, a key project to promote the interconnection of the transportation infrastructure from Chuzhou to Nanjing, and an important component of the Anhui Nanjing Intercity Railway Network. It undertakes the backbone function of intercity bus travel along the lines of Chuzhou Nanjing.

Recently, the Project Management Department of the Phase I and Phase II Strong Current Installation Project of the Chuzhou Nanjing Intercity Railway (Chuzhou Section) of China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Electrical Service Engineering Co., Ltd. sent a letter of thanks to Jiangsu Daqo Changjiang Electric Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Daqo Group.

The letter pointed out that the installation, commissioning, and power transmission time of this project is very urgent. Guo Mingqin, the GIS service engineers of Changjiang Electric, and Fan Jiale work together with each other every day to work overtime. When encountering problems, they can promptly and properly handle them, actively identify existing problems, and handle them as soon as possible. Changjiang Electric can also respond at the first time, and cooperate to ensure on-site work, ensure that the site can complete the commissioning and power transmission tasks within the specified time nodes, and the cooperation between the two parties is very smooth.
The letter of commendation is an affirmation of the high-quality performance of Changjiang Electric. Changjiang Electric will make persistent efforts and strive for excellence, carry forward the spirit of fearing difficulties and striving bravely to be the first, guarantee the project quality with high standards and requirements, and deliver satisfactory answers to customers!