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Standing at a new starting point, developing at a rapidly accelerating rate

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ZJ Siemens' orders, output value, and payment receipts in March exceeded 300 million yuan

In March, Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar Trunking Systems Co., Ltd. completed orders of 308 million yuan, output value of 329 million yuan, and received payment of 327 million yuan, setting the highest level since the establishment of the company.

Zhenjiang Siemens was established in 1998 and has evolved from an ordinary factory building to a modern smart factory with an annual output of over 800,000 meters of busbars. To date, the production of busbars has reached nearly 10 million meters, making it a major LV busbar manufacturer in the domestic and international markets. Throughout history, people in Zhenjiang Siemens have worked hard to write a new chapter with pursuit of excellence in manufacturing processes and the spirit of serving users and markets.

Continuous optimization of market layout, significant achievements in market expansion
The sales team is determined to forge ahead, making full efforts in market development, deeply analyzing market demand, identifying market expansion entry points, and forming a pattern where company leaders take the lead and various sales regions collaborate to explore the market. The domestic and foreign markets continue to make new progress and achievements, and orders from industries such as new energy, integrated circuits, and data centers have achieved success in multiple places. Large orders have driven sales performance to a sustained new high.
Technology empowers digital manufacturing, helping production speed and efficiency increase
Behind the increase in production capacity is the comprehensive efforts of Zhenjiang Siemens' new smart manufacturing model. Zhenjiang Siemens follows the reform direction of "digital transformation and smart manufacturing for the future", gradually realizing the transformation from traditional production operation mode to intelligent operation mode. In 2020, the company's annual output value was 1.5 billion yuan, with a target of 3 billion yuan in 2023, striving to achieve double growth within three years. The company has now introduced multiple sets of advanced equipment to achieve automated production processes such as riveting, laser welding, primary line processing, and plug-in box assembly. With advanced information technology support and automation equipment, the production capacity has achieved high-quality and cost-effective breakthroughs.

Consolidate the foundation, strictly manage, and continuously standardize project management
Zhenjiang Siemens has changed its previous work idea of focusing on orders in the first half of the year and payment for goods in the second half. This year, it focuses on both orders and payment at the beginning of the year. The company leaders personally manage the payment of goods, strengthen regional control, and manage the entire project process from contract review, production scheduling, performance, delivery and service. They effectively improve the quality of project operation, laying a good foundation for the smooth return of payment.
"300 million" is a gratifying achievement and also a new starting point. Zhenjiang Siemens will continue to uphold the concept of "quality first, efficiency prior", focus on improving product quality, deepening technological innovation and market expansion, meeting customer needs, grasping the new trend of the industry, with the courage to face difficulties, the spirit to strive for excellence, and the ambition to take responsibility, developing at a rapidly accelerating rate, and opening a new chapter of the company's vigorous development!