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Haidong City P&G Delegation and Leaders of Guoxin Group visited Daqo Group

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On April 5th, Wang Huajie, Deputy Secretary of the Haidong Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Haidong City, Qinghai, led a party and government delegation from Haidong City visited Daqo Group. Dong Liang, GM, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, and Director of Jiangsu Guoxin Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Wang Huiqing, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Govtor Capital Co., Ltd., accompanied by Chen Shunzhi, Deputy Secretary of the Yangzhong Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government, to visit and inspect Daqo Group. Xu Xiang, CEO of Daqo Group, Ge Fei, Executive President of Daqo Group, and VP Zhu Yawei attended the reception.

The visiting leaders visited the digital exhibition hall of Daqo Group, and Xu Xiang, the CEO of Daqo Group, introduced in detail the enterprise’s development status of electrical, new energy, and railway electrification industries, and its achievements in intelligent transformation and digital revolution, which were highly praised by the visiting leaders.

At the symposium, Wang Huajie, Deputy Secretary of the Haidong Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, introduced the construction plan of the "Four Places" in Qinghai Province, and focused on the construction of the Haidong zero carbon industrial park, land reserves, industrial system, development planning, and other situations. He pointed out that Daqo Group is a leading enterprise in the industry, and Qinghai is a supporting province for Jiangsu. He warmly welcomes Jiangsu entrepreneurs to invest and start business in Haidong, promoting industrial complementarity, and achieving coordinated development and mutual benefit in the eastern and western regions.
Xu Xiang warmly welcomed the arrival of Wang Huajie and his team, and expressed his intention to further investigate in Haidong City.