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ZJ Siemens passed the SA8000 System Re Certification Audit

Release Time:2023-04-24Source:Clicks:1278Author:

From April 20th to 21st, Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar System Co., Ltd. successfully passed the Social Accountability 8000 International Standard System Re Certification Audit.

During this period, the audit team experts visited the company's production site, interviewed nearly 30 employees including employee representatives and these from frontline production, and verified the implementation of the company's social responsibility system, the performance management team, and the work of the safety committee. Experts have highly praised the company's safety management, employee welfare, labor protection, and other aspects of work, and have also put forward relevant suggestions for the company's continuous improvement and enhancement. In the future, Zhenjiang Siemens will integrate the concept and methods of social responsibility into the company's development strategy and daily management, further improve various management mechanisms, pay more attention to detail optimization, actively fulfill social responsibility, effectively enhance employees' sense of belonging and happiness, and fully create a new situation for the company's social responsibility management.