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The First Self-made Automated Production Line of Kfine Switch has been Successfully put into Operation

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Recently, the KFM5-250 contact arc extinguishing system automation production line independently designed and manufactured by the Process Department of Jiangsu Daqo Kfine Switch Co., Ltd. has been successfully put into operation. This production line has achieved a daily production capacity of 864 poles for the KFM5-250 contact arc extinguishing system, and the production and testing efficiency has been at least doubled.

This production line integrates a PLC control and information collection system, with automatic detection of internal resistance and contact pressure in the arc extinguishing system, automatic nailing, riveting and detection, automatic cutting and stacking, and other functions. It achieves real-time monitoring of key product parameters, automatic removal of non-conforming products, automatic storage and traceability of testing data, and other digital functions, ensuring product quality.

Jiangsu Daqo Kfine Switch Co., Ltd. has long focused on process innovation. The process department has gone through more than 10 years, from designing a single fixture and inspection tool, to self-made 9 assembly equipment and 9 testing equipment, and now the digital production line has been successfully put into operation, achieving a step by step improvement in process professional capabilities. In the future, the Process Department will continue to continuously improve its skill level, safeguarding the company's rapid development.