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ZKM was awarded "Excellent Supplier" by SINOPEC Hainan Petrochemical

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Recently, Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller Electric Co., Ltd. was awarded the honor of "Excellent Supplier" by SINOPEC Hainan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. This is another heavyweight recognition for Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller after repeatedly achieving good results in the petrochemical industry, fully demonstrating the trust and affirmation of the petrochemical industry in the company's comprehensive strength.

Hainan Petrochemical is a leading enterprise in the petrochemical industry of Hainan Province and the core of SINOPEC's industrial chain in Hainan. It has now developed into an important import crude oil processing base, product oil export base, and aromatic hydrocarbon production base along the southeastern coast of China. At the end of 2018, Hainan Petrochemical started the construction of a 1 million ton/year ethylene and refining renovation and expansion project. As a key engineering project in Hainan Province and SINOPEC, this project has profound significance in serving the high-level development of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Port) and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure.

( Internet picture: Hainan Petrochemical Million Tons Ethylene Project )

Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller has been working together with SINOPEC for more than 20 years and has participated in the construction of numerous key and major projects nationwide. They have accumulated rich experience in power distribution solutions and project execution. From product sales to innovative design based on petrochemical customer needs, from ordinary partners to excellent suppliers, Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller has been working together with customers in development, creating value for SINOPEC with excellent distribution products and high-quality performance delivery. Among them, Hainan Petrochemical's 1 million ton/year ethylene and refining renovation and expansion project has provided more than 500 distribution cabinets. Its rapid response and delivery have ensured the orderly progress of the entire project construction.

In the future, Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller will continue to pay attention to the development trends and customer needs of the petrochemical industry, adhere to the business philosophy of customer first and innovative development, provide more petrochemical customers with technologically advanced and high-quality intelligent distribution products, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's petrochemical industry.