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Chongqing Tailai Polycrystalline Project Wins Golden Flag Again

Release Time:2023-06-05Source:Clicks:1261Author:

Recently, Chongqing Daqo Tailai Electric Co., Ltd. was awarded a banner of "excellent product quality, professional and efficient service" by Inner Mongolia Erdosi Polysilicon Industry Co., Ltd.

The "22000 tons of electronic grade 1 high-purity silicon material" project of Inner Mongolia Erdosi Polysilicon Industry Co., Ltd. is the second project completed by Chongqing Daqo Tailai Electric Co., Ltd. in 2023 for the commissioning and start-up of the polycrystalline project. The company provided 12 sets of 40 pair rod reduction systems to the project, including 12 reduction control cabinets, 12 grounding detection cabinets, and 72 reduction power cabinets. The commissioning task for this project is tight and heavy. During the driving and debugging process, the engineer adhered to the site day and night, relying on rich work experience and cooperating with the customer to efficiently complete the driving and debugging work, winning high praise from the customer.
The affirmation of customers is the driving force for the company to continue moving forward. Chongqing Tailai will continue to strive for continuous technological innovation, fully guarantee product quality, efficiently improve professional service levels, and assist in customer development.