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Daqo Group Gifts Candidates' Families to Help Employees' Children Top the Gold List

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On June 7th, the first day of the college entrance examination, Daqo Group presented exquisite gift boxes to 9 families of candidates with the meaning of "being on the gold list", extending their care for employees to the healthy growth of the next generation, and encouraging their children to face the college entrance examination with a full mental state and achieve excellent results.

The gift box contains the No.1 cake, Zongzi, kiwi fruit, apple, orange and other fruits, symbolizing good wishes such as succeeding in the government examination, achieving good results at once, good luck in the first place, and success of dreams.

Daqo Group has always adhered to sharing development achievements with employees and society, paying attention to the education and development of employees' children, and creating a better working environment and conditions for employees. At this important moment of the college entrance examination, Daqo Group cheers on the candidates by distributing gift boxes, while also allowing employee families to feel the warmth and care of the corporate family.