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ZJ Siemens Held the Kick-off Meeting for the Establishment of Safety Production Standardization

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Safety is more important than Mount Tai, and prevention is inevitable. On June 12th, Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar Trunking Systems Co., Ltd. held a kickoff meeting for the creation of safety production standardization, with the participation of Chinese and foreign general managers, deputy general managers, and department heads.

The meeting introduced the significance of creating safety production standardization, arranged for the company to create safety production standardization work, and announced the establishment of a new safety production leadership group.
At the meeting, the Chinese general manager proposed that the company is in a period of rapid development, and all departments should clearly recognize the importance of safety production work, and cannot sacrifice the health and safety of employees in exchange for the company's interests. Each department should strengthen supervision, effectively implement the reward and punishment system for safety production, and take the opportunity of this standardization of safety production to build a long-term mechanism for safety production.
The foreign general manager proposed that the company's leadership and shareholders' meeting have common requirements and expectations for EHS work. EHS work is a prerequisite for all economic benefits, and he hopes that all employees can return to their homes healthy and safe every day.