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Daqo Substation Conducts "Safety Month" Fire Protection Knowledge Training

Release Time:2023-06-25Source:Clicks:1277Author:

In order to further strengthen the company's employees' awareness of fire safety, improve their ability to respond to emergencies, correctly master the use of fire extinguishers and escape methods, and around the theme of "everyone talks about safety, everyone can respond to emergencies", Jiangsu Daqo Cubicle-Type Substation Technology Co., Ltd. organized all employees to carry out the "safety month" fire knowledge training on June 20.

Daqo Substation specially invited experts from Yangzhong Fire Squadron to the company for guidance, and gave a detailed explanation from the introduction and use of fire equipment, fire extinguishing methods and precautions, fire hazards, emergency self-help common sense and other aspects. During this period, the employees effectively combined theory and practice, and experts from the municipal fire brigade commented on and corrected the shortcomings discovered during the employee drill. Finally, the entire staff of the company visited the firefighting vehicles and equipment carried with them, and observed the entire process of the firefighting demonstration by the firefighting vehicles.

This fire protection knowledge training has enriched employees' fire protection knowledge and improved their prevention skills. It has high practicality and operability, and has achieved good results, laying a good foundation for efficient and orderly safety production work in the future.