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Nanjing Daqo Electric Passed ISO50001 Energy Management System Certification

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Recently, China Quality Mark Certification Group Jiangsu Co., Ltd. conducted an energy management system audit on Nanjing Daqo Electric Co., Ltd. in two stages. After a four-day professional audit, Nanjing Daqo Electric successfully passed the energy management system certification and obtained the energy management system certification on June 26th.

During this period, the Energy Management System Certification Expert Group reviewed the company's energy policy formulation, actual implementation of functional departments, improvement and rectification, and finally unanimously affirmed it through reviewing materials and on-site verification.
Green, low-carbon, energy-saving and consumption reduction are the concepts that Nanjing Daqo Electric has always adhered to. In order to better improve energy efficiency and play a leading role in the industry under the background of carbon neutrality and emission peak, Nanjing Daqo Electric actively implements energy management, strictly follows the relevant requirements of the system, optimizes the work of various functional departments, minimizes energy consumption, and improves the comprehensive utilization rate of resources.
In the next stage, Nanjing Daqo Electric will take energy standardization management as the foundation, actively respond to the national goal of carbon neutrality and emission peak, improve and optimize the green intelligent manufacturing model, and continue to promote high-quality development of the enterprise.