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New Record, New Journey | Zhenjiang Siemens's Monthly Output Exceeds 100,000 Meters

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Based on the new development concept, closely adhering to the theme of high-quality development, and focusing on innovation and empowerment, Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar Trunking Systems Co., Ltd. has taken various measures to accelerate capacity expansion and strengthen production capacity support, laying a solid foundation for "achieving historical highs in production". In June, the company achieved a new breakthrough in production capacity, with an output of 104,320 meters of busbars, setting a historical record.

Strengthen departmental linkage and achieve refined management. This year, the application market of busbars has shifted from real estate to industrial factories. The large volume and fast delivery time of individual projects are the characteristics of industrial factories, so fast and large-scale delivery is one of the core competitiveness to win customers. Zhenjiang Siemens, with a "running" attitude, a "competing" mentality, and a "grabbing" state, strives to make up for shortcomings, strengthen weaknesses, promote improvement, and ensure the efficiency and smoothness of all work. By continuously optimizing and solidifying the management process of large projects, a dedicated project team is established to plan in advance from measurement, design, production, installation, and other aspects based on the customer's power delivery time, achieving full process control of performance, and improving the maturity of project management and business management in the factory.

Optimize production line equipment and promote digital production. With the production of automation equipment such as the 5th XL automated production line, plug-in box production line, and secondary wire harness machine, the current production capacity has been increased to 100,000 meters per month. The performance process is enhanced through dynamic monitoring and scientific adjustment to enhance capabilities in material control, progress control, quality control, and other aspects, achieving efficient and standardized production. With the comprehensive implementation of digital management systems in the company and the continuous production of automation equipment, factories will achieve comprehensive innovation in production and management modes. While achieving the goal of sprinting production, the quality is also constantly improving and improving. The product quality is recognized by customers, and on the basis of stable production and supply, we use quality to open the market door and win a broader market development space for the company.

In June, Zhenjiang Siemens pushed its production to a new historical high through hard work, achieving a new leap and writing a new chapter with strong colors. With a new record and a new journey, Zhenjiang Siemens will take innovation driven development, take "digital transformation and intelligent building of the future" as the main line, forge ahead, and strive to be the first in the high-quality development of the industry, the only in product differentiation innovation, and the first-class in building a global outstanding enterprise!