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Chongqing Tailai Adaptive Polysilicon Reduction Furnace Power Cabinet Product Successfully Runs on the Grid

Release Time:2023-07-27Source:Clicks:1157Author:

Recently, the fifth generation adaptive polysilicon reduction furnace power supply developed by Chongqing Daqo Tailai Electric Co., Ltd. has been successfully operated on the Inner Mongolia grid.

To achieve flexible operation of the power supply, the adaptive polysilicon reduction furnace power supply is equipped with a variable voltage converter between the N line of the reduction transformer and the load resistor, which integrates startup and operation, and a solid-state switch is set to achieve uninterrupted power supply with silicon rods in series and parallel without disturbance, effectively improving power supply reliability; At the same time, high voltage and high current isolation circuit breakers are not required to achieve high voltage startup, greatly reducing the number of restore startup and switching switches, simplifying power system configuration, and reducing power costs. This product has obtained national patent technology through independent innovation, and has advantages such as short dynamic response time, fast silicon rod breakdown speed, and more reasonable control logic. It has leading technological advantages in the industry.
The successful operation of the adaptive polysilicon reduction furnace power supply marks that Chongqing Tailai has further expanded the market in the new energy power industry. The next step is for the company to achieve mass production as soon as possible, create more economic benefits, and enhance its core competitiveness in the market.