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Daqo Group Conducts Emergency Rescue Knowledge Training

Release Time:2023-07-27Source:Clicks:1132Author:

In order to further enhance employees' awareness of responding to emergencies and accidental injuries, as well as their ability to self rescue and mutual aid, from July 25th to 26th, Daqo Group organized an emergency rescue knowledge training with the theme of "caring for life and saving by your side". More than 300 employees from Yangzhong, Nanjing, and Jurong factories participated in the training.

The training invited senior lecturers of the Municipal Red Cross Society to give lectures. Through theoretical explanation, on-site practice and other forms, they vividly and intuitively explained the knowledge and skills of the recognition and emergency treatment of common cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergencies, heatstroke emergency treatment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, trauma rescue and other skills, and demonstrated the steps of CPR and trauma rescue in detail.

The atmosphere at the training site was warm, and the participants, under the guidance of the lecturer, mastered the knowledge of emergency rescue more directly and effectively through careful operation and practice of the Mannequin. After on-site assessment, qualified participants will receive the "Red Cross Ambulance Officer (Junior)" certificate in the near future.
Through this training, the participating employees have gained a more scientific and profound understanding of emergency rescue knowledge, improved their on-site rescue ability in response to emergencies, and were able to remain calm in the face of danger in the future, carry out self rescue and mutual rescue properly, and save precious lives in a timely manner. Daqo Group will continue to pay attention to the safety training needs of employees and strive to create a safer and more stable work environment.