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Daqo Transformer Received Honorary Medal of Jiangsu Industrial Internet Demonstration Project

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On August 10th, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology organized the "Jiangsu Industrial Internet Demonstration Project Honorary Medal", and Nanjing Daqo Transformer Co., Ltd. was awarded this honor.

In order to implement the spirit of such documents as the Implementation Opinions of Jiangsu Province on Deepening the "Internet+Advanced Manufacturing Industry" and Developing Industrial Internet, the Three Year Action Plan for Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation of Manufacturing Industry in Jiangsu Province (2022-2024), and the Three Year Action Plan for Accelerating the Innovative Development of Industrial Internet in Jiangsu Province (2021-2023), and cultivate and create a batch of domestic leading industrial Internet construction and application benchmarks, The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology has organized the selection of Jiangsu Industrial Internet Demonstration Projects (benchmark factories). After preliminary cultivation, enterprise application, recommendation from various regions, compliance review, material review, on-site verification, credit review, and special joint review, Daqo Transformer has been successfully selected for the formula list of the 2023 Provincial Industrial Internet Demonstration Project (benchmark factory category).
In recent years, relying on the industrial internet platform of Daqo Group, Daqo Transformer has comprehensively utilized technologies such as data collection and integration applications, modeling analysis and optimization to achieve optimization at all levels of the manufacturing system, as well as the entire process optimization of products, factory assets, and commerce. It has completed innovation in enterprise production models and provided users with accurate, satisfactory, and efficient digital experiences and services.
Next, Daqo Transformer will continue to promote the construction and application of industrial internet, 5G network coverage, accelerate digital transformation, seize new development opportunities, and further enhance the level of digitalization, networking, and intelligence development; Accelerate human-computer intelligent interaction and intelligent logistics management, promote the construction of the "Internet+" project, achieve breakthroughs in energy efficiency, safety, environmental protection, lean manufacturing and other aspects, and make the industrial Internet a new engine for high-quality development of enterprises.