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Jiangsu Intelligent Engineering Electrical Technology Standard Innovation Base has passed provincial acceptance

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On August 15th, the "Jiangsu Intelligent Engineering Electrical Technology Standard Innovation Base" undertaken by Daqo Group successfully passed the acceptance and evaluation of the expert evaluation team of the Jiangsu Market Supervision Bureau, and received an excellent evaluation score.

Jiangsu Technical Standards Innovation Base is currently the highest standard standardization pilot demonstration project in our province. In 2021, the "Jiangsu Intelligent Engineering Electrical Technology Standard Innovation Base" declared by the Technology Department of Daqo Group was approved for construction by Jiangsu Market Supervision Bureau, becoming one of the first five provincial-level technology standard innovation bases. After more than two years of construction, all work tasks have been completed. The base has established an organizational guarantee mechanism, formed the "Analysis Report on the Competition Situation of Intelligent Power Equipment Industry and Patents", implemented patent analysis around the key core common technologies of the industry's "bottleneck", completed three patent navigation analysis reports on large capacity disconnection technology, comprehensive DC power propulsion technology, and hybrid power conversion technology, applied for a total of 401 patents, authorized 386 patents, and led and participated in the formulation and revision of 23 standards. Among them, there are 12 national standards, 65 full-time and part-time standardization talents are trained, and 11 technical backbone members hold committee or leadership positions in various standardization technology organizations.
The evaluation team conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the preparation of the innovation base by inspecting the site, listening to the work reports of the units responsible for the innovation base, reviewing relevant documents and records, and questioning relevant issues. Finally, the project was approved for acceptance, and the evaluation score was excellent.
Group Vice President Cai Bin expressed gratitude to Jiangsu Market Supervision Bureau and various experts for their strong support for the base construction work. In response to the relevant suggestions put forward by the expert group, the project team will continue to improve, further integrate the upstream and downstream intelligent engineering and electrical industry chain resources of the province, create an industrial innovative technology alliance linked by standards, and enhance the national, industry, and group system revision work.