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Daqo Group made a wonderful appearance at the 23rd China International Industry Fair

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From September 19 to 23, 2023, the 23rd China International Industry Fair (CIIF) was grandly held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). As an industry event postponed for two years and prepared for three years, this year's CIIF can be regarded as a "Wind Vane" for global industrial development. Daqo Group has made full preparation for this long-awaited reunion.

With the theme of "Digital Economy &Industrial Decarbonization", this year's CIIF has set up nine professional exhibition areas. Daqo Group is located at booth E088 in Hall 6.2. On the 19th, Daqo Group made a brilliant debut with a full range of digital products and numerous application solutions, presenting an imaginative technology feast with many enterprises, jointly exploring the path of industry leap and discovering infinite possibilities.

Digital Products Shine Brightly

Daqo Group is a leading manufacturer in the fields of Electrical, New Energy, and Rail Transit, with leading technical R&D and product manufacturing capabilities in China. Daqo Group's digital management, digital R&D/design, digital manufacturing, digital service, and high-quality product delivery capabilities have achieved cost reduction, efficiency increase, and quality improvement. The entire series of products and solutions provide customers with safe, reliable, and efficient lean management in power transmission, automatic control, and other aspects, helping enterprises achieve high-quality development.

At this exhibition, Daqo Group focused on showcasing the following products: digital inflatable cabinets, digital air cabinets, digital MV switches, new energy-efficient digital transformers, digital LV bus ducts, MODAN6000 digital LV cabinets, DQM smart cloud cabinets, digital LV components, cable trays, power monitoring systems, etc.

Technology Leads Superb Presentation

Daqo Group is an innovative enterprise with independent R&D as its core competitiveness. At the exhibition, the staff demonstrated the intelligent energy comprehensive management system and the Daqo intelligent industrial cloud system. These technologies have played a valuable role in related fields and have gained market recognition and customer trust in long-term application.

Seeking Opportunity and Exploring for Enhancement
The scale, level, and number of new exhibits of this year's CIIF are all unprecedented, with 30% of the exhibition area coming from overseas brands. The German Pavilion set up for the first time includes a superb lineup of 8 German federal states, 3 official institutions, and multiple well-known brands, and a Sino-German trade exchange platform is built, focusing on displaying the latest technological products of Germany's manufacturing industry and its industrial cluster characteristics. Daqo Group will explore and learn more advanced technology and industry information from it.

(Ge Fei, Executive President of Daqo Group, visits and communicates at CIIF)

Implementing the "Dual Carbon" Strategy and Practicing Green, Low-Carbon, and Sustainable Development
Focusing closely on the national new energy strategic plan and relying on continuous R&D investment, technological innovation and technology optimization, Daqo Group specializes in the production of a complete set of electrical equipment and intelligent components covering the entire industrial chain of "wind, solar, diesel and storage", assisting in energy reform and the "dual-carbon" strategy. In 2022, the new energy products produced by Daqo Group, as well as a series of energy-saving and consumption-reducing measures and technological transformation projects implemented, amounted to a reduction of approximately 162,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

Leaders Observe the Exhibition and Guide the Work

Daqo Group adheres to the concept of innovation. In 2017, the group and its subsidiaries successfully launched and operated the ERP, fully realizing digital management. It has built intelligent marketing, intelligent supply chain, and intelligent operation and maintenance platforms, achieving a perfect transformation from "participant" to "leader" relying on digital transformation.

At the exhibition site, leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the Secretary General of the China Chamber of Electrical and Mechanical Commerce, and the Deputy Consul General of the Russian Consulate General in Shanghai visited the booth for guidance.
On the first day of CIIF, Daqo Group's booth received nearly a thousand visitors and negotiations.
Looking forward to the strategy of "Global Industry, Centennial Daqo", with the increasing demand for digital upgrading and global supply chain construction, Daqo Group will always adhere to innovation driven and high-quality development, comprehensively deepen innovation in management, technology and marketing; accelerate industrial, talent, and cultural upgrading. We are committed to bringing digital and green technology services to the international stage and striving to become one of the world's advanced enterprises.