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Nanjing Daqo Electric held its 15th Anniversary Appreciation Banquet

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On September 24, 2023, it was the 15th anniversary of the establishment of Nanjing Daqo Electric Co., Ltd. In order to express gratitude for the hard work of all employees, Nanjing Daqo Electric held the 15th Anniversary Appreciation Banquet of “Fifteen Years of Unity and Dedication, Moving Forward for a New Chapter” on September 23, sharing the joy and achievements of development with employees. Zhu Yawei, Vice President of Daqo Group, General Managers of various subsidiaries within Daqo Nanjing Park, and over 800 employees attended the event.

At the banquet, Mr. Xu Chao, the General Manager of the company, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the companies and all the employees who have provided strong support to Nanjing Daqo Electric over the past 15 years! He stated that the achievements achieved by Nanjing Daqo Electric cannot be separated from the efforts and dedication of every employee of the company. He hopes that all employees will continue to uphold the core values of Daqo Group's “integrity, dedication, and innovation”, carry forward the corporate spirit of Nanjing Daqo Electric's “humility, diligence, and service”, and never forget their original intention and never slack off.

Zhu Yawei, Vice President of Daqo Group, delivered a speech and expressed good wishes for the development of Nanjing Daqo Electric in the past fifteen years.

This event revolves around three major chapters: "Small Family, Big Family - Common Growth", "Thank You - Common Excitement", and "Concentricity - Common Future". Through theme videos such as "A Day of Nanjing Daqo Electric Employees" and "Employee Interview Record," we reviewed the development course of 15 years and felt the growth and changes along the way.

In addition, the banquet site for the first time released the Nanjing Daqo Electric mascots "Quanquan" and "Diandian", as well as the corporate theme song "Light". Activities such as awarding commemorative medals to employees with 15 years of service experience and recognizing excellent rationalization suggestions were carried out.

The heart-touching staff program and exciting lucky draw, in a warm and joyful atmosphere, successfully concluded this appreciation banquet. This activity further stimulates the enthusiasm of all staff to work hard and forge ahead, laying a solid foundation for cohesion and creating a new situation for development. Set sail on a new journey, set sail again. Nanjing Daqo Electric will adhere to its original intention, gather joint efforts, embrace the future with practical work, continue to move forward, and write a new chapter.