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Daqo Group Held the 2023 Golden Autumn Marketing Work Conference

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The golden autumn brings a refreshing breeze, with the fragrance of osmanthus. On October 6th, Daqo Group held the 2023 Golden Autumn Marketing Work Conference.

At the meeting, Zhu Yawei, Vice President of Daqo Group gave a report on marketing work in autumn, summarized the achievements and existing problems of marketing work, and deploying key work for the fourth quarter. In the first three quarters, each company focused on the strategy of "innovation driven, high-quality development" and the business philosophy of "quality first, efficiency first", tightly grasped the market opportunities, strictly controlled key sales nodes, steadily improved the quality of orders, and set a new historical high in order performance. In 2023, we have entered the final stage of sprinting and tackling difficulties. He emphasized the need to consolidate responsibility, enhance risk prevention capabilities, and make every effort to collect payments. At the same time, we need to further enhance our digital marketing and management capabilities, create a combat-capable and vibrant sales team, enhance our keen judgment on the market, open up new markets, and lay a solid foundation for the sustained and high-quality growth of order quality.
Mr. Xu Guangfu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, gave important instructions. He pointed out that from January to September, the electrical industry grew at a high speed and achieved the best business performance in history, and all companies should seriously summarize the successful experience, and at the same time, implement the concept of "sharing the fruits of development with employees". Regarding the next stage of work, the chairman emphasized that, as an order-driven enterprise, high-quality orders are the most important manifestation of the company's core competitiveness, and all companies should strive to obtain high-quality orders, in order to lay a solid foundation for achieving the annual goals and achieving a good start in 2024; we should grasp the opportunity of the fourth quarter’s payment back to make every effort to ensure the completion of the annual payback target. We will push forward digital manufacturing according to the plan, accelerate the upgrading of production lines and the renewal of equipment to improve efficiency and product quality; we will carry out the requirements of General Secretary Xi for high-quality development throughout the whole process of new industrialization, promote the in-depth fusion of informatization and industrialization, and accelerate the construction of a modernized industrial system, so as to write a brand new chapter for the development of new industrialization with Chinese characteristics.
Liu Yong, General Manager of Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar Trunking Systems Co., Ltd., Tang Jianrong, General Manager of Daqo Transformer, Shi Tangbing, General Manager of Anhui Sales Company, and Zhang Jianmei, Customer Manager of Nanjing Daqo Electric, respectively delivered speeches.
Finally, Group President Xu Xiang comprehensively summarized the achievements of Daqo Group in market, sales, planning, technology, procurement, production, quality, customer service, finance, and other aspects in the first three quarters. He pointed out that various indicators in the first three quarters have achieved significant growth compared to the same period in previous years, the group's digital transformation and upgrading have been orderly promoted, the comprehensive strength of the enterprise has been continuously enhanced, with a strong momentum of development. In the next stage, each company should adhere to innovation first, seize the leading edge of digital manufacturing, and solidly promote the promotion of digital manufacturing throughout the entire group. Regarding sales work, it is required that the marketing department, marketing head office, and manufacturing companies of the group should open up their minds and collaborate as a team to form a well-developed marketing team, enhance confidence, fully leverage the platform advantages of Daqo, and create better sales performance!