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Volunteers in Action to Assist in the Construction of Beautiful Countryside

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On October 14th, Daqo volunteers actively participated in the third "Centralized Labor Day" event held in Xinba Town, helping to build beautiful rural areas.

The creation of an ecologically livable environment is an important part of the construction of beautiful villages, which can significantly improve the sense of gain and happiness of villagers. In this activity, Daqo volunteers assisted Xiangyang Village of Xinba Town in remediating and cleaning up the village's greenery. During the process, everyone divided the work clearly, working hard to overcome all kinds of difficulties, busy and happy. After hard work, weeds, debris, tree limbs, garbage, etc. were effectively cleaned up, and the environmental outlook was refreshed. Daqo volunteers received unanimous praise from the town committee leaders, village committee cadres and the villagers.

Daqo Volunteers are a group spontaneously organized by party members and employees of Daqo Group. With the main purpose of carrying out voluntary activities, Daqo volunteers actively participate in social public welfare activities, take the initiative to assume social responsibility, give full play to their personal strengths, contribute their time and energy to provide various services for the society and the public, and selflessly dedicate their love to public welfare undertakings.

Daqo volunteers are present wherever there is a need. During the outbreak of COVID-19, Daqo Group bravely shouldered the heavy task and rushed to support the construction of Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital and Taikang Tongji Hospital. Daqo volunteers actively supported the government's epidemic prevention work, sacrificing their own families for the sake of everyone else, and rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention; during the flood control and rescue, Daqo volunteers rose to the challenge despite the difficulties and dangers, and built up the safety line of flood control and rescue to safeguard people's lives and properties; during the traditional festivals, Daqo volunteers carried out activities to provide warmth for the elderly, assist the disabled, and provide comfort while helping with haircuts and cleaning to solve practical difficulties in daily life; enthusiastic about social public welfare activities, Daqo volunteers actively take part in activities organized by the government and social public welfare groups, such as the "18-kilometer Public Welfare Walking" and "Green Public Welfare Cycling". Passing on love, letting the life continue, in the group's annual organization of voluntary blood donation activities, Daqo volunteers take the initiative to participate, demonstrating the exemplary leading role ...... such things are numerous.

The promotion of corporate volunteerism is a necessary part of the high-quality development of Chinese enterprises. Daqo Group has been supporting, encouraging and allowing its employees to actively participate in all kinds of voluntary service activities, and at the same time, it has also made use of its corporate resources to provide voluntary services and donations to the community and non-profit organizations by setting up Daqo "Hand in Hand" Employee Mutual Aid Foundation and Daqo Education Fund. In Yangzhong Charity Federation, Daqo Group has set up a 5 million yuan charity fund for serious illnesses, a 5 million yuan charity fund for education, and a 20 million yuan charity title fund. In recent years, Daqo Group has made donations totaling nearly 39 million yuan in fulfilling its social responsibility, fully demonstrating its mission and responsibility as an enterprise. It is a civilized unit in the whole country, a demonstration unit of private enterprise culture construction in Jiangsu Province, and has been awarded with honors such as "Outstanding Contribution Award of Chinese Charity" and "Jiangsu Charity Award for the most loving charitable donation unit" and other honors.

Shimmering light can become a torch, and great love reflects the dome of the sky. Daqo Group will continue to carry forward the voluntary spirit of dedication, fraternity, mutual help and progress, give full play to the positive role of volunteer service, promote the deep integration of volunteer service and production and operation, and create a volunteer service brand with Daqo's characteristics relying on the company's industrial advantages, talent advantages and contact advantages while the company is steadily developing and expanding to release a stronger social influence and write the story of Lei Feng in the new era with practical actions. We will make new and greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream with practical actions.