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Daqo Group Attended the Zhenjiang Low Carbon Industry Supply Chain Conference

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On the afternoon of October 26th, as one of the main events of the 2023 Jinshan Summit on Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality, the Zhenjiang Low Carbon Industry Supply Chain Conference was held in Yangzhong. The conference focused on the theme of "strengthening industrial chains and gathering supply chains", released a batch of new concepts, technologies, and achievements, witnessed the signing of a series of cooperation agreements, further forged new advantages in industrial competition, and promoted green and low-carbon development to a new level.

There are six agenda items in the conference, namely: opening speech by Qin Haitao, Standing Committee of Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee and Executive Vice Mayor; keynote speech by Jia Sheng, Deputy Secretary of Yangzhong Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Yangzhong City on the theme of "Low Carbon Chaining and Green Development", and release of Yangzhong's green, low-carbon and high-quality development; awarding of "National Small and Medium sized Enterprise Characteristic Industrial Cluster" for the medium and low voltage intelligent electrical industry in Yangzhong City by Yin Min, Deputy Mayor of Zhenjiang; awarding of license to a 100% green power enterprise in Zhenjiang City by Wu Ming, Deputy Mayor of Zhenjiang; signing of a series of cooperation agreements; expert speeches.

In the signing session of supply chain enterprises, Daqo Group released the action plan for innovation and development, and cooperated with EPC E-commerce Co., Ltd., Siemens (China) Co., Ltd., Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd., ABB (China) Co., Ltd., Eaton Electric Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baosteel Steel Products Trading Co., Ltd., LONGi Green Energy Technology Co.,Ltd., Tianjin Huanrui Electronic Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Shuangliang Silicon Materials (Baotou) Co., Limited, Gokin Solar Co., Ltd. and Jinko Solar Co., Ltd.

Leaders from Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. and ABB (China) Co., Ltd. focused on the main topic of the conference and looked forward to the prospect of cooperation with Daqo Group. Mr. Xu Xiang, Secretary of CPC Committee and President of Daqo Group, said that realizing the goal of "dual carbon" is our common goal. Yangzhong is nationally known as the "engineering and electrical island" and "new energy industry island", with a perfect talent system, leaders and experts who know the industry, and a better business environment. Daqo Group is a leading manufacturer of electrical, new energy, power electronics and intelligent components. As a leading enterprise in the industry and a local leading enterprise, Daqo Group sincerely invites the upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain to come to Yangzhong to invest and develop their business, and make more contributions to the local economic development, to the construction of Zhenjiang's low-carbon industry, and to the construction of the "Strong, Rich, Beautiful, and High" New Jiangsu.

The conference is organized by Zhenjiang Municipal People's Government, Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission (Energy Bureau), Xinhua Daily, It was organized by Yangzhong Municipal People's Government and Zhenjiang Development and Reform Commission and co organized by Zhenjiang Municipal Bureau of Industry And Information Technology, Zhenjiang Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Daqo Group, Zhenjiang High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Science and Technology Mayor's Group, with a total of more than 140 enterprises attending the conference.