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Daqo Group Debuts at the 6th China International PV Industry Conference 2023

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New Era of "Two Carbon Goals", New Future of Green Energy!
The 6th China International PV Industry Conference 2023 was held from November 14th to 16th at Chengdu Century City International Convention and Exhibition Center in Sichuan Province. As the first international photovoltaic event in the west of China, important leaders at home and abroad, heavyweight guests, industry gurus and leading enterprises in the global photovoltaic industry gathered together to talk about the new green low-carbon future!

This grand event focuses on photovoltaics and attracts global attention. Daqo Group is located in Booth 3-A25, with an area of more than 300 square meters. The white booth with "Daqo Orange", simple and eye-catching, is like a beam of warm sunshine shining into the heart, sweeping away the coldness of the early winter, and igniting waves after waves of visits.

Daqo Group is a national large-scale enterprise group, one of the Top 100 in China's Mechanical Industry, one of the Top 10 Leading Enterprises in China's Electrical Industry, a National Innovative Enterprise, a National Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory, one of the first batch of Green Factories in China, and a National Civilized Unit. Our R&D and manufacturing capabilities for MV&LV complete electrical appliances, intelligent components, busbars, transformers, and DC traction power supply equipment are at the forefront in China, providing users with solutions such as intelligent substation systems, factory automation, and intelligent energy integrated management systems. In the field of new energy, we specialize in the production of a complete set of electrical equipment and intelligent components covering the entire industry chain of “wind, solar,diesel, and storage” to help energy reform and the “dual-carbon” strategy.

At this year's conference, Daqo Group has brought many innovations in the fields of energy storage and digitalization to global customers, aiming to create maximum value for customers through safe, reliable, highly efficient, intelligent, green and low-carbon products as well as power supply and distribution system solutions.

On the evening of 14th, at the night of "Meishan - National Crystalline Silicon Cell Manufacturing Base-2023 6th China International PV Industry Conference Award Ceremony", Daqo Group was honored with the "China PV 20 Years-Excellent Contribution Award" for its deep cultivation and influence in the electrical industry, as well as its high product and sales advantages in the new power (new energy) industry, and the chairman of Daqo Group, Mr. Xu Guangfu, was honored with the "China PV 20 Years-Meritorious Entrepreneur".

Looking forward to the future, Daqo Group will continue to uphold its original intention, focus on the strategy of "innovation-driven high-quality development", continue to strengthen its investment in research and development, lead the innovative development of the industry, and continuously improve the quality of its products and services in order to meet the higher demands of the market and customers. At the same time, Daqo Group will further consolidate its leading position in electrical, new energy, power electronics, intelligent components and other fields, write a brilliant new chapter with magnificent power, accelerate the development of the global green industry, help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible, and contribute more Daqo's power to the development of China and even the global clean energy cause!