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Daqo Group Youth League Committee Launched the Youth House Theme Lecture Series Activity

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In order to deeply study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, and lead the youth to remember the ardent wishes of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and aspire to be a good young man in the new era who has ideals, dares to bear responsibilities, can endure hardships and is willing to struggle, on November 17, the Youth League Committee of Daqo Group organized the "Youth Learning Ideology from the Party, Grateful and Endeavouring to Build New Achievements" youth home thematic propaganda speech series activities.

The first phase of the event was organized by Zhenjiang Klockner-Moeller Youth League Branch. The event specifically invited Xu Jialian, Deputy Secretary of Yangzhong Youth League Municipal Committee, Shi Yong, United Front Work Member of Xinba Town Party Committee, and Ji Xiaodi, Deputy Secretary of Xinba Town Youth League Committee.

( Micro-presentations )

In this activity, the Group Youth League Committee, in accordance with the requirements of the higher-level league organizations, combined with the actual situation of the company carefully designed four links: "Watching Video - Learning Ideas", "Sharing Experiences - Firming Ideals", "Book Giving Ceremony - Remembering our Missions" and "Talking about Youth - Uniting and Striving". During the learning process, the company's young employees engaged in heated discussions around the theme of "Youth Struggle, Craftsmanship Spirit" by watching videos and exchanging insights.

(Youth League member employees Sharing Exchange)

(Book Gift Ceremony)

Xu Jialian, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Municipal Committee, gave words to young employees: as young members of the Youth League, we should bravely shoulder the responsibility of the times, grasp the direction of the times, closely connect the fate of the country and individuals, and actively approach the party organization. Gathering is a ball of fire, scattering is full of stars, youth league members should always learn new to strengthen theoretical learning, broaden their thinking, absorb new knowledge from the times, find their own direction in the grand blueprint of national development, improve their personal abilities, serve enterprises, and society.

(Xu Jialian, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Municipal Committee, gave words to young employees)

Through the theme of the campaign, the company's youth have a deeper understanding of the report and the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party. We have expressed that, as Youth League member employees, we are deeply responsible and have a glorious mission, and in the future work and life, we should carry forward the spirit of courage and dedication, and effectively use the spirit of the Twentieth National Congress of the Party to arm our minds and guide our practice.