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Daqo Transformer Received Silk Banner from JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

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Recently, Qujing JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. presented Nanjing Daqo Transformer Co., Ltd. with a silk banner, once again expressing its recognition of the high-quality products and professional services provided by Daqo Transformer, and at the same time expressing its sincere gratitude to Daqo Transformer for completing the supply in a timely manner, and helping the project to be put into operation smoothly.

In March 2023, Lu Chao, an employee of the customer service department, received the service dispatch of 52 sets of dry-type transformers for power transmission and commissioning of the third-phase project of Qujing JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd., and immediately arranged for the trip to the project site, overcame many unfavorable factors of the site environment and climate, and followed up the whole process of the service to actively and patiently cooperate with the site's installation and commissioning work. Recently, all the products have been successfully put into operation, and all the performance indexes have reached the user's requirements, obtaining the unanimous affirmation of the on-site personnel and establishing a good brand image for the company.

It is reported that the overall project plan of Qujing JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. consists of four phases, and this project is the third phase. The smooth operation of the second and third phases has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two parties.

In the future, Daqo Transformer will strive to improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, take "intelligent manufacturing" as a platform, take "informatization" and "industrialization" high-level deep integration as a carrier, build a digital intelligent factory, and devote itself to becoming a pioneer in the field of distribution transformers in China to provide customers with excellent products and services, and continue to move forward to higher goals, faster delivery and better service.