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Daqo Intelligent Successfully Delivered HV Equipment for the Indonesian Mempawah Alumina Refinery Power Plant Project

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Recently, Zhenjiang Daqo Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. smoothly delivered UDQ-12 movable double busbar switchgear equipment for the 1-million-ton alumina self-owned power station project in Mempawah, Indonesia, under the overall contract of China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CHALIECO).

In 2020, China Aluminum International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CHALIECO) and PT Borneo Alumina Indonesia (BAI) signed a general contract at the Indonesian Embassy. Both parties attach great importance to this project. The successful implementation of this project is expected to contribute significantly to the expansion of CHALIECO's operations and further development of the domestic alumina market. As a supplier of HV equipment, Daqo Intelligent shoulders a significant responsibility and is committed to successfully completing the supply tasks.

The double busbar switchgear involves complex processes, and engineers from Daqo Intelligent have engaged in repeated communications, coordination, and modifications with Southwest Electric Power Design Institute during the preliminary phase to finalize the solution. To meet the customer's delivery schedule, the company opened a green channel internally, wholeheartedly coordinating and resolving various issues during the manufacturing process, catching up with the schedule, and ultimately completing the delivery on time.

As one of the few domestic manufacturers of double busbar switchgear, Daqo Intelligent has nearly 20 years of experience in producing UDQ-12 movable double busbar switchgear equipment. "When a section of the busbar encounters a fault, the sectional breaker can automatically isolate the fault, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to the normal section of the busbar." This unique advantage of Daqo Intelligent effectively guarantees the electrical safety for industries with high power consumption such as industrial and mining enterprises and substations, ensuring their maximum benefits.

Daqo Intelligent remains committed to its original aspirations, courageously shoulders its mission, and places customer satisfaction as a top priority, aiming to provide customers with higher quality products and more efficient services.