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Daqo Group Appears at World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference 2023

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From December 6 to 9, 2023 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was grandly held in Nanjing International Expo Center. Daqo Group, as a leading enterprise in the electrical industry, one of the top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry, one of the top 10 leading enterprises in China's electrical industry, a national innovative enterprise, and a national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factory, made a wonderful appearance with many intelligent manufacturing achievements and digitalized intelligent products under the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing Helps Industry Upgrade".

The World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference 2023 is co-organized by the People's Government of Jiangsu Province, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the China Association for Science and Technology. The conference is led by the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), comprehensively implements the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on new industrialization, takes the theme of "intelligent, digital and connected transformation, digital-real economy integration and innovation". The conference continues the mode of "combining online and offline", focusing on demonstration applications, system solutions and major core equipment in the intelligent manufacturing industry, presenting the latest achievements, cutting-edge technologies and high-end products in the field of intelligent manufacturing in a scenario-based manner, and organizing thematic conferences, special events, professional forums, industry events and professional exhibitions, etc., so as to conduct in-depth discussions on the new technologies, applications and ecology in the field of intelligent manufacturing.


Daqo Group's booth was located in Hall 5, 5D02, and its "orange and white" color scheme was particularly eye-catching among the industrial blue booths. At the exhibition, Daqo Group highlighted six major achievements in intelligent manufacturing through the video display, such as the new mode project of intelligent manufacturing for MV and LV transmission and distribution key equipment for smart grid, the results of digital design video screen (personalized customization), Daqo supply chain synergy (resource synergy), Daqo Digital Twin Factory, Daqo Group's Intelligent Energy Comprehensive Management and Control Platform, and Daqo Cloud System.


In addition to intelligent manufacturing achievements, Daqo Group also focused on intelligent products such as digital ring main unit, digital air cabinets, digital intelligent MV switches, new energy-efficient digital transformers, digital LV bus ducts, MODAN6000 digital LV cabinets, DQM smart cloud cabinets, digital intelligent LV components, cable bridges, flywheel energy storage devices, and digital factory brands.


On the first day of the exhibition, Daqo Group's booth was crowded with people, and its innovative technologies and intelligent products were widely praised, attracting many domestic and foreign merchants and visitors to stop and visit the booth to discuss future cooperation opportunities. Yin Min, Vice Mayor of Zhenjiang City, Li Lijun, Director of Zhenjiang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Zhu Ruirong, Vice Chairman and President of Nanjing Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd., and other leaders and friends visited the booth to guide and exchange ideas.
Innovation drives high-quality development. Daqo Group has solved the pain points and short board problems of the industry through the development and application of intelligent equipment such as the flexible production line of LV drawer switchgear; established a production and manufacturing system with the functions of dynamic perception, real-time analysis, autonomous decision-making and precise execution with ERP, PLM and MES as the core; constructed the 5G+ industrial Internet infrastructure, which is highly integrated with Daqo Intelligent Industrial Cloud to realize intelligent transformation and we have established a secondary node for identification resolution in the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry and created 10 identification application scenarios to meet the business needs of the industry, such as product anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering, after-sales service tracking, product lifecycle management, intelligent warehousing, supply chain management, and so on. Focusing on 11 aspects, including factory construction, product R&D, process design, planning and scheduling, production operation, quality control, equipment management, warehousing and distribution, supply chain management, digital infrastructure and model innovation, Daqo Group has built 14 scenarios, including factory digital design, product digital R&D and design, and fine work dispatching, to create digital, intelligent and networked intelligent manufacturing factories. In 2023. Daqo Group was honored to be on the list of "2022 Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factories", ranked 9th on the list of 2023 China's Top 500 Machinery, topped the list of the "23rd China's Electrical Industry Top 100", and was awarded the title of " Top 10 Leading Enterprises in China Electrical Industry in 2023" for the second consecutive time and was awarded the "Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in China's Electrical Industry in 2023" title.

Intelligent manufacturing boosts industrial upgrading. Grasping the in-depth integration of digital technology and the real economy, Daqo Group has comprehensively implemented digital management, digital design, digital manufacturing, intelligent supply chain, and intelligent operation and maintenance with a focus on customers, which has empowered the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and continued to grow the new engine of economic development. In the future, Daqo Group will unswervingly push forward the road of digital and intelligent transformation of enterprises, provide ideas and experience for the industry's "digital and intelligent development of industry" while realizing its own transformation and upgrading and high-quality development, create maximum value for customers, and give full play to its leading role and demonstration effect to boost the high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry, to lead the development of the industry and make greater contributions to the construction of a strong manufacturing country.