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Love Without Boundaries, Provide Support All the Way Through|Daqo Group Establishes 5 Million RMB Charity Fund for Medical Assistance

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Charity and health activities, helping doctors and donating love. On the morning of December 25th, the donation ceremony of " Love without boundaries, provide support all the way" was officially held in Jiangzhou Hall of Yangzhong Administrative Center.

Mr. Sun Xiaohua, vice mayor of Yangzhong City, Mr. Tao Jianguo, member of the Municipal Government Party Group and a third level researcher, Mr. Feng Jinyue, president of the Municipal Charity Federation, Mr. Ge Fei, executive president of Daqo Group, and other relevant persons in charge of the Municipal Party Committee Office, the Charity Federation, the Bureau of Medical Insurance, the Bureau of Civil Affairs, Healthcare Commission, the People's Hospital, the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the relevant persons of various towns (streets and districts), as well as representatives of the "two fixed" service organizations and the representatives of beneficiaries attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Tao Jianguo, member of the municipal government party group and a third level researcher.

This time, Yangzhong Charity Federation and Yangzhong Medical Insurance Bureau, together with Daqo Group, jointly implemented the "Love without boundaries, provide support all the way" charitable medical aid program, which establishes a charitable medical aid mechanism on the basis of multiple governmental guarantees to further alleviate the medical burden of people with special difficulties. At the ceremony, Ge Fei, the executive president of Daqo Group, and Lu Jiyun, the director of the Medical Insurance Bureau, took a group photo of the donation in the presence of the participants.

The special relief funds for this project were donated by Daqo Group, with an initial fund size of 5 million yuan. The target beneficiaries include: extremely impoverished individuals in the city, minimum living standard guarantee recipients and children in difficult circumstances. The standard of the special aid: for eligible residents' insurance aid recipients, 50% of the hospitalization medical expenses incurred in fixed-point medical institutions that should be paid by individuals will be paid by the social medical aid fund, and the remaining part of the expenses will be paid by the "Daqo Charity Medical Aid Special Fund" for 60% of the total medical expenses incurred.

At the ceremony, Feng Jinyue, President of the Municipal Charity Federation, introduced the situation of the "Love without boundaries, provide support all the way" charity medical program, and on behalf of the Charity Federation, he expressed his high respect and heartfelt gratitude to Daqo Group for its great love.

"Health and life are the most valuable assets of the society. The 'Love without boundaries, provide support all the way' Charity Medical Assistance Program focuses on the neediest people. Through this program, what Daqo wants to do is to convey a kind of hope, a kind of warmth and a kind of strength. So that every bit of donation can be transformed into medical resources to provide real health protection for people in need." Ge Fei, Executive President of Daqo Group, said that in the future, Daqo Group will continue to take up its corporate social responsibility and continue to invest in charitable endeavors, not forgetting its original intention and keeping its mission in mind, and warming every heart in need with practical actions.

Lu Jiyun, director of the Municipal Health Insurance Bureau, said that taking over the mission of great love from Daqo Group, the Municipal Health Insurance Bureau will definitely pass on and continue this heavy love, and endeavor to hold up the "light of hope" for the patients of serious illnesses with the "great love of the health insurance", so that more people in difficulty will feel the love from the government, enterprises and the society.

Vice Mayor Sun Xiaohua highly affirmed that the Municipal Charity Federation and Daqo Group had launched the "Love without boundaries, provide support all the way" charitable medical aid program, and praised the generosity of Daqo Group, which fully demonstrated the power of Daqo's great love. Vice Mayor Sun emphasized that this special relief fund should be used legally and in accordance with the law, and the relevant departments should conduct in-depth grassroots, accurate mapping, one-person-one-file, and targeted policy making to ensure timely and efficient assistance.
Compassion warms the cold winter, and there is great love on earth. Daqo Group is looking forward to practicing social responsibility, transferring warmth and love through this activity. At the same time, it also calls for more social forces to pay attention to and actively participate in public welfare and charitable undertakings, take up the historical mission entrusted by the times, and promote the high-quality development of charitable undertakings in the new era.

About social responsibility:
Adhering to the concept of "giving back to the society, responsibility first", Daqo Group insists on doing practical things, promoting win-win situation, and sharing the fruits of enterprise development with employees and the society, and has set up the "Daqo Education Fund", "Daqo Charitable Fund Branch" and "Daqo Hand-in-Hand Mutual Aid Foundation". Through these platforms, the accumulated donations have totaled nearly 37 million RMB, making positive contributions to the development of society and the well-being of employees. In recent years, Daqo Group has been awarded the honors of Advanced Grassroots Party Organization in Jiangsu Province, National Civilized Unit, National Model Workers' Home, and National May 1st Labor Certificate, and has been ranked first in tax payment in Yangzhong City for 28 consecutive years.