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Xin Changxing Hopes Daqo Group to Show Greater Commitment in the Construction of a Strong Manufacturing Province

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Recently, Mr. Xin Changxing, secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, visited Daqo Group for investigation, and Mr. Xu Xiang, president of Daqo Group, received him.

In the exhibition hall of the group, Xin Changxing looked at the products, discussed innovation and asked about sales, and affirmed that our enterprise gathered innovative resources efficiently and pushed forward digital transformation firmly. He pointed out that to promote the new industrialization, it is necessary to renew the traditional industries, but also to strengthen the emerging industries and cultivate the future industries. He hoped that Daqo Group would give full play to its advantages, make persistent efforts, seize the high point of industrial chain and value chain, and show greater commitment in the construction of manufacturing province. When visiting the pre-installed intelligent substation and other products, Xin Changxing said that a good product must be both technologically empowered and creatively designed. We must promote the deep integration of industrial design and manufacturing, so that products are more competitive.

Chu Yonghong, member of the Standing Committee of Provincial Party Committee and Secretary General of the Provincial Party Committee, participated in the survey, accompanied by Ma Minglong, Secretary of Zhenjiang Municipal Party Committee, and Zhang Dejun, Secretary of Yangzhong Municipal Party Committee.