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Leaders of Zhenjiang Public Security Authorities Visited Daqo Group for Guidance

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On March 15, the first phase of the "Pioneer Training Camp" of Zhenjiang Public Security Organs in 2024 and the training course for improving the ability of leading cadres started. Yao Hengqing, member of the Party Committee of Zhenjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau and executive deputy director of the Bureau, led all the leading cadres of the public security organs who participated in the training to enter Daqo Group and visited the exhibition hall of the Group and the Zhenjiang Moeller Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory. Xu Xiang, president of Daqo Group, and Cai Bin, vice president of Daqo Group, received the visit, accompanied by Cai Aiguo, secretary of Xinba Town Party Committee and secretary of Hi-tech Zone Party Working Committee.

President Xu Xiang introduced Daqo Group's industrial layout, development planning, product research and development, scientific and technological innovation, intellectual and digital transformation, production and operation, party building, social responsibility and security joint defense to Vice Director Yao Hengqing and his delegation. Deputy Director Yao Hengqing highly praised Daqo Group's achievements and patriotic sentiment of supporting the military, and said that in the future, we should further strengthen the contact between the police and the enterprises, realize the complementary advantages of the police and the enterprises, and promote the common development and progress of the police and the enterprises, so as to make new and greater contributions to the maintenance of the city's social situation and the continuous stability, and to escort the economic and social development and the construction of a strong country.

Daqo Group is a National Civilized Unit, a national Model Staff Home, a National May Day labor Certificate winner, a national "Ankang Cup" competition winner, an advanced grass-roots party organization in Jiangsu Province, a safe enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and an advanced enterprise in Jiangsu Province that manages and operates with integrity in accordance with the law.

President Xu Xiang said that the steady and long-term development of enterprises can not be separated from the peaceful internal and external environment, and the close interaction between the police and enterprises has injected new vitality into the economic development and social stability, and laid a solid foundation for the joint creation of an excellent business environment. The public security organs at all levels have devoted a lot of attention and energy to the development of Daqo Group, creating a favorable security environment and an efficient rule of law environment for the high-quality development of Daqo Group, for which we express our heartfelt thanks! It is hoped that in the future work, the police and enterprises will further strengthen communication, form synergy, strengthen the relationship between the police and enterprises, and work together to write a new chapter of safe, stable and harmonious police-enterprise cooperation.