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Daqo High Voltage Switchgear Passed the On-site Audit of Intellectual Property Consistent Performance Evaluation

Release Time:2024-03-20Source:Clicks:348Author:

According to the standardization requirements of enterprise intellectual property management in Jiangsu Province, recently, Jiangsu Daqo High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. passed the on-site audit by experts of Jiangsu Patent Information Service Center on the performance evaluation of enterprise intellectual property management standardization and successfully passed the audit.

Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard Performance Evaluation is led by Intellectual Property Office of Jiangsu Province, and the Intellectual Property Office of each district city organizes experts to carry out regular on-site evaluation of qualified enterprises based on the national standard of Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard [GB/T29490-2013], aiming at encouraging the enterprises to establish and improve the intellectual property management system, enhance the level of intellectual property management, and strengthen the capability of independent innovation.

The establishment of intellectual property standardization system is an important part of enterprise management. Through the standardization and performance evaluation, the company will gradually form a set of complete, scientific and standardized intellectual property management system, which will run through all aspects of R&D and operation management of the enterprise, and comprehensively improve the level of intellectual property management and protection of the enterprise. Next, Daqo High Voltage Switchgear will continue to deepen the intellectual property management, strengthen the construction of independent innovation capability, firmly implement the national strategy of strengthening enterprises with intellectual property rights, accelerate the pace of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, give full play to the role of intellectual property rights as a driving force for the development of the enterprise, and make contributions to the high-quality development of the enterprise.