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Zhenjiang Siemens Held the Launching Ceremony of "Safety Production Month" in 2024

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June of this year is the 23rd national "Safety Production Month", in order to vigorously promote the company's safety production work, enhance the awareness of work safety, and strengthen the responsibility of work safety, according to the company's safety production month activity program arrangements, focusing on the theme of "everyone talks about safety, will be able to respond to emergencies - smooth life channels", on the morning of June 3, Zhenjiang Siemens Busbar Trunking System Co.LTD. held the launch ceremony of 2024 Safety Production Month, with the company's general manager, department heads, EHS managers, production and quality supervisors attending the ceremony.


Next, Zhenjiang Siemens will make use of the opportunity of the Safety Production Month to actively carry out education and training, hidden danger investigation, emergency drills and other activities online and offline in a variety of forms, so as to make the month of June real and throughout the year, create a good atmosphere of "everyone talking about safety, everyone will be able to respond to emergencies", and to firmly establish the safety foundation for the company's high-quality development.